Vi Green Artist

Vi Green’s website showcases a mature body of fascinating masterpieces and smaller representative artworks. The wide range of themes and art disciplines showcased here define him as a truly creative artist  worth following.

This beautiful art comes from Vi’s courageous desire to explore new subjects and ideas that interest viewers in meaningful and powerful ways. Experimentation and innovation are more important to him than fashion trends and art styles.

Vi’s art is suitable for display in Art Museums or private collections. Additionally his more thought provoking pieces may also suit Science Centres, History and Archaeological Museums, State Libraries or global organisations such as those dealing with climate change, human rights, refugees or peace issues.

Vi is a unique and prolific artist at the height of his creative life and this website provides a special opportunity to directly acquire key examples of his work without gallery or agent costs.

This web site reviews examples of Vi’s main art categories:


This category includes original, one off, oil and acrylic artworks on small to medium size stretched canvas or board, plus enormous paintings on loose canvas. Also outdoor painted wall murals are also represented here.


Includes all one off works on paper using combinations of pencil, charcoal, pastel, oil crayon, pen, watercolour and other brush on art mediums. Collage is also soon to be found here.

Digital Art

These are the transformed versions of Vi’s original drawings, illustrations and paintings. Digital photography is also here.


Includes sculptural abstract forms, human and animal representations, illustrated pottery and clay tile projects.


Indoor and outdoor original pieces of all sizes in wood, metal and plastic. Some works also use new building techniques, exotic materials such as human teeth and seaweed and other found objects not normally associated with art making.

Kinetic Art

Sculptural walk through environments with electronic interfaces controlling mechanical devices that operate movement, sound and lighting effects. They sometimes involve some form of participation by gallery visitors. Robotics, performance, time based and public installation art are included under this category.